New Orleans Fastbraces®

New Orleans Fastbraces®

Fastbraces® are orthodontic solutions for patients who want to straighten their teeth in as little time as possible and at a lower cost. With the Fastbraces® technology, New Orleans patients can still achieve their cosmetic goals; but they spend reduced time in treatment and are subject to much less discomfort than is associated with traditional braces. Fastbraces® work by allowing  the tooth and the root to move at the same time, thanks to a triangular design that provides better tooth support. The teeth move to their optimal positions faster and with greater ease – usually in a period of 4 months to a year.

Robert Camenzuli, DDS is the first General Dentist Master Provider for FastBraces in New Orleans LA.


Imagine braces that deliver a straighter smile with minimal discomfort, greater convenience, lower cost and a much faster treatment time than conventional braces. The Fastbraces® technology does just that, delivering beautiful results to patients of all ages – including adults.





Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Fastbraces® Work?

The secret lies in the Fastbraces® patented technology, which uses a single wire attached to triangular brackets that move the root and crown of the teeth simultaneously during treatment. Because the wire is not replaced or frequently tightened, patients attend fewer office visits than are necessary with traditional wire braces. This expedited treatment technology also means that some patients achieve results in under a year – often as little as six months.

Fastbraces® patients achieve the same results as patients with conventional braces with no increased risk of tooth or gum damage. In fact, the Fastbraces® technology typically results in a more comfortable treatment experience with less tooth sensitivity overall.

Though not everyone will qualify for Fastbraces® treatment, most children, teenagers and adults are candidates if they have crooked, crowded or overlapping teeth. Talk to your dentist about Fastbraces® if you are interested in:

  • Shorter orthodontic treatment time
  • Fewer office visits
  • Less treatment discomfort
  • Greater affordability
  • A lifetime treatment guarantee

Am I a candidate for Fastbraces®?

You may be a candidate for Fastbraces® if you have crowded, crooked or overlapping teeth and are looking for a means of quickly straightening them without a long treatment time. To find out more about Fastbraces® in New Orleans and whether you are a candidate for treatment, make an appointment with your dental provider.

What should I expect during Fastbraces® treatment?

Fastbraces® only requires a few dental visits to monitor progress and make adjustments as necessary. Depending on your teeth and progress, you could be in and out of braces in as little as six months. However, you will need to follow a diet free of hard and sticky foods that could damage the Fastbraces® appliance. Examples of potentially problematic foods include hard candies, popcorn kernels, taffy and ice. Eating these foods can damage Fastbraces® brackets, which could prolong your treatment.

Will I need to follow any special care instructions after treatment is complete?

One of the greatest benefits of Fastbraces® is the minimal post-treatment maintenance that is required. In fact, most Fastbraces® patients can maintain their new smiles with only 15 minutes of daily retainer wear. Otherwise, you can return to your normal diet and enjoy your new, straighter smile.